Education: 1993 - MSc, Technical University of Cluj­Napoca , Romania
Major: Computer Science
Minor: Image Processing
Thesis: “Estimation of 3D coordinates from stereo images”
Software Knowledge: C; C++; - Visual C++; - MFC; - Borland C++ Builder;
- Java; - JavaScript; - Pascal;
- Assembler;
- Perl; - Prolog; LISP.
Research Interest: Computer Vision, Text Detection in Images,
Face Detection, Face Recognition,
Color Segmentation, Shadow Removal
Work Experience:
Dec 2002 – Now  
Company: Abstract Computing International B.V.
Position: Senior R&D Engineer
Responsabilities: He is currently doing research and development of real-time applications for image and video processing.
Current projects are:
- Real time recognition of vehicle license plates;
- Face detection and recognition from video.
In these projects his responsibilities are:
- Design of vision-based systems;
- Software development for image/signal processing;
- Development of image processing algorithms;
- Design of real-time image processing;
- Development of video processing algorithms;
- Testing and validation
Jan 2002 – dec 2002  
Company: University of Amsterdam
Position: Software Programmer
Responsabilities: The project was to develop an advanced image-processing library. He was responsible for the design, implementation and evaluation of image-processing functions.
Oct 1997 – Dec 2001  
Company: University of Amsterdam
Position: PhD Researcher
Responsabilities: Research Project in cooperation with Oce R&D
Implemented Software projects:
- Color image manipulation: 3D histogram visualization, color clustering, color segmentation. Written in Visual C++, MFC;
- Demo java applet for 3D histogram and color segmentation;
- SVG viewer (based on a ActiveX control) for document image dataset;
- Document Model implementation in C++, OO, using STL;
- Ground-Truth editor for the UvA dataset. A Visual C++ MFC application.
Feb 1994 – Oct 1997  
Company: Technical University of Cluj­Napoca
Position: Teaching Assistant
Department: Computer Science.
Field: Image Processing, Digital Computers and Microprocessors
Responsabilities: - Teaching students in the 3-rd, 4­th and 5­th years of study, in these fields;
- Preparing laboratory papers and works with Visual C++, Borland C, Matlab, Orcad, Assembler Tools, TMS320C5x developing tools;
- Advising Master students diplomas.
Implemented software/hardware projects:
- 3D information from stereo images. C++ application written in Borland C for DOS;
- Image processing algorithms implemented on TMS320C50 controlling an industrial robot's arm with TMS320C50.
July 1996 – Feb. 1997  
Company: F&S srl
Position: Software Engineer
Responsabilities: Writing Visual C++ applications (MFC and ODBC-based) for a Pharmaceutical Company in Germany
Implemented Software projects:
- Selection of best choice cost/performance from a medicine database (MFC, ODBC);
Oct 1995 – May 1996  
Company: University of Patras, Greece
Position: Researcher
Responsabilities: University of Patras, visiting scientist in the Department of Medical physics and Clinical Engineering Attending the European TEMPUS­SOCRATES course of Biomedical Engineering
July 1993 – Feb 1994  
Company: ELSO srl
Position: Software Engineer
Responsabilities: Programming in C, Lisp (for AUTOCAD), FOX­PRO under the Windows and MS-DOS operating systems Implemented Software projects:
- The management of a small TV-Cable company, implemented in FoxPro;
- Software copying protection based on system configuration (assembler language and C);
-LISP application for AutoCad for designing high voltage isolators